[Bell Historians] Re: One-bell towers

Mark Humphreys mark.humphreys at b...
Thu Dec 12 10:06:07 GMT 2002

> Have you confused the Cathedral with the Municipal Buildings? "Great 
> George" in the Cathedral isn't hung dead (though it doesn't swing 
> full circle, either). Dove (1988) reports that the clock chime in 
> the Municipal Buildings has the four quarter bells hung for ringing 
> but the hour bell "for chiming only"; whether that means "dead" or 
> "for swing-chiming" I do not know.

Four bells at the Municipal Buildings are, indeed, hung for ringing, and the tenor ISTR is hung dead. Occasionally, they do ring all to doubles, a most bizarre sight.

However, I have to disagree about Grear George (in the Cathedral). It's as dead as an ex-parrot, isn't it?

Picture of it being rung:


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