[Bell Historians] Re: One-bell towers

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Dec 12 10:27:25 GMT 2002

> OK, then *I* am confused (and apologetic). Which British tower has
> an extremely large (I dare not write "enormous") bell hung only for
> swing-chiming? On some very special occasion within the last year or
> two, it was so rung by a team of several people in the belfry.

Several candidates. Could be the 17 cwt bell in the round tower at Widnsor
Castle, which is only supposed to be rung on the death of the reigning
monarch. I believe it was swung for the Queen Mother, though - can anyone
confirm this. It's a Russian bell, and apparently a trophy from Sebastopol.

The other obvious candidate I can think of (and this is a large bell) is the
7-ton Great John of Beverley Minster, which is only swung on important
occasions. It was swung for both Princess Margaret and the Queen Mother.
Prior to this it hadn't been swung for a number of years, although the clock
strikes the hours on it.


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