St Peter Port

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St Peter Port

Copy of information in my inventory of Bailiwick of Guernsey Bells:-
“St Peter Port
Town Church [1-8, BROCARD 1736], replaced with:- 1[2-8], CORNILLE -HAVARD 
Villedieu 1913 47" 19-0-27. Treble now at Castle Cornet.
[Frame and fittings including clappers 1736 or earlier. Portions of previous 
frame re-used in other parts of tower. All removed 1993-4.]
Replaced by 1-8, J TAYLOR 1993-4 (dated 1995). New timber frame on concrete 
grillage 1994.
Clock bell cast (or recast with extra metal) BROCARD 1736.
(Clock with strike, 1782, more-or-less in working order, restored and 
removed to Castle Cornet 1993-4.)
Electric clock with strike, SMITHS.
Set of 16 Handbells.”

The smaller bells were cast on 10/12/1993 and the three tenors were cast on 
the 14/1/1994. The date in the inscriptions however is 1995 as the bells 
were cast to commemorate the end in May 1945 of the German Occupation of the 
Islands during WWII.

See references

4/2/94	RW	Article on Town Church, P Gallienne.
18/2/94	RW p168	F Dukes, Drogheda. St PP not first 8 outside England, Dublin 
25/2/94	RW	Account of casting of tenors.

I understand that when the previous bells were rung by a visiting band in 
the 1970s a recording was made. Does anyone know where there is a copy? I 
have only a very distant recording of them being chimed.

John David

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