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Sat Dec 14 05:53:08 GMT 2002

Dear All

Assistance required:

As part of the museum of bells, time and mankind presently being assembled in Perth, Western Australia as part of the Swan Bells Millennium project, Iwould be extremely grateful if any participants of this chat line could assist with any or all of the following required information.

“We have located a 20” C.S. Bell & Company steel bell with a No. 4 yokeand we require: (1) supply of, or details of, the normal base on which this yoke and bell would have swung; (2) a suitable clapper, or if not available, the design of such a clapper and details of the metal normally used; (3) advice as to where such a bell would have been used, e.g. locomotive, industrial, etc; (4) any originals or photocopies of C.S Bell & Company catalogues published by the Company; (5) the information as to whether its successor Company is still in existence and how we might make contact.”

For those who may or may not be aware, the Swan Bells project is a large secular and tourist bell tower located on the foreshore of the Swan River in the middle of a very busy ferry terminal in the middle of the city. It presently houses a ring of 18 bells (16+2) based on the 1725 recast of the St Martin-in-the-Fields ring of 12 plus 6 modern Whitechapel bells to the sameprofile.  

We are currently looking for bell and time-keeping items for display. There are presently very few American bells in this country that we are aware of and we propose to fully restore those particular items above, and place them on permanent display.

Your assistance would be appreciated.

Laith Reynolds  

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