Joseph Scot

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Sat Dec 14 11:19:30 GMT 2002

Has anybody heard of a bell hanger called Joseph Scot?

He is mentioned in a book on the old snickleways (alleys) of Tewkesbury as
"a white smith and a bell hanger", but there is no date associated with this
information. I am unaware of any other reference to Joseph Scot (or Scott)
nor can I find any mention of him in "The History of Tewkesbury" published
in 1830.

My guess would be that he lived prior to 1800, since the date of the present
Tewkesbury Abbey bellframe is 1834, and it was made by a local carpenter
called James Cull.

There are several snickleways in Tewkesbury (as at York) and many are named
after the family who lived and traded in them.


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