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One must not forget that other bellfounders used steel extensively in the e=
arly years of the 20th-century, possibly as an alternative and a cheaper on=
e to the wrought iron favoured, for example by Moore, Holmes & Mackenzie; W=
ebb and Bennett and no doubt others. Warners and their provincial counterp=
art, Llewellins & James, obviously had use for steel in their extensive met=
al working activities - Warner's "vandal-proof" "battleship" frames an exam=
ple. Alfred Bowell turned to all-steel constructions as early as 1913, per=
haps sooner than that.

It is worth looking at "steel" constructions of the period twice. There is=
a late 19th-century "grillage" type frame at Hoby, Leics, which I inspecte=
d a couple of years ago. Gave dire warnings about rusting "especially in s=
teel structures" but complimented them on the fact that the rust was only s=
uperficial - and then discovered that the thing was made entirely of wrough=
t iron.

Note, Naylor Vickers used cast-iron for their metal frames!

Chris Povey's remarks on cast-iron frames and conservation are cogent and w=
ill no doubt feature on a future agenda now the matter has been raised.

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It has just occurred to me that the frame at Cheadle, Greater=20
Manchester (not Staffs) is made up from iron or steel angle sections.=20
It is by Gillett and Johnston and was installed in 1935.

Bill H

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