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Probably should have posted this message a couple of weeks ago, but if anyo=
ne if looking for ideas for "what to give a bell historian for Christmas", =
my list of publications in print may give some useful ideas. Books ordered=
now might not arrive in time for Christmas, but bell books (like dogs) are=
n't just for Christmas, they're for life!


The idea of this list was to help people to locate private publications - a=
nd to help publishers to sell copies of their works. The list include Dalt=
on's Dorset, Dawson's publications, and quite a lot more besides.

Just one warning. Can't be 100% sure that all titles are still in print or =
that contact details for suppliers are up to date. Might be best to enquir=
e first if you can. Please do let me know of any corrections or amendments=
to the list.

Hasten to add that I'll do my best to fulfil any orders for Coventry or for=
Bellframes before Christmas, provided I get orders by Thursday of this wee=

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