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Sun Dec 15 21:20:13 GMT 2002

At one time there was a plan to put a ring of ten in this tower. 
Graham Austin advised the City Council that the cost would be less 
than the cost of two buses. I think it was Derek Hatton who 
scuppered the project. He had been taught to ring at Childwall? by 
Mike Dodd? and had been booted out for being too bolshy.I rang there 
once and remember them being in their original fittings. We rang 
Grandsire Doubles with the hour bell 'clocked in'.--- In 
bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "David Bryant" <djb122 at y...> wrote:
> > I do. The four quarters are indeed hung for ringing, and are 
rung on
> > several civic occasions a year. The hour bell is hung dead and 
is sounded
> > by a clapper swung by two ropes (one for each direction). Only 
one rope
> is
> > necessary to sound the bell, of course, but it is quite useful 
> ringing
> > the bells half-muffled to be able to half-muffle the hour bell 
> What are they like? I seem to recall that they're Warner bells, 
although I
> don't recall the date. Do they still have their original frame & 
> David

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