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Mon Dec 16 14:55:48 GMT 2002

Also there was a plan to install the old Widnes Bells in above the original 
ring but it fell through. Original frame and fittings (including goose neck 
Weights are
3.5cwt, D#
4.5cwt, C#
5.5cwt, B
16.5cwt F#
53.5cwt in B

They were weighed by the city enigneers.
1 2 and 3 are good bells, the forth has a wonderful growl to it and the 
tenor is a bit crap.
They are rung 7 times a year by the Ancient Society of Liverpool Municpal 
Youths, the ringing master is my dad - Graham Austin.
Anyone wishing to take part in the ringing should contact my dad.
Cyprus Cottage
32 Roby Road
L36 4HF

The hour bell is hung dead and
>is sounded
> > > by a clapper swung by two ropes (one for each direction).

The other rope was connected to the clock hammer giving a muffled tone
not the clapper but this was disconnected when the chimes were reinstated.


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>At one time there was a plan to put a ring of ten in this tower.
>Graham Austin advised the City Council that the cost would be less
>than the cost of two buses. I think it was Derek Hatton who
>scuppered the project. He had been taught to ring at Childwall? by
>Mike Dodd? and had been booted out for being too bolshy.I rang there
>once and remember them being in their original fittings. We rang
>Grandsire Doubles with the hour bell 'clocked in'.--- In
>bellhistorians at yahoogroups.com, "David Bryant" <djb122 at y...> wrote:
> > > I do. The four quarters are indeed hung for ringing, and are
>rung on
> > > several civic occasions a year. Only
>one rope
> > is
> > > necessary to sound the bell, of course, but it is quite useful
> > ringing
> > > the bells half-muffled to be able to half-muffle the hour bell
> >
> > What are they like? I seem to recall that they're Warner bells,
>although I
> > don't recall the date. Do they still have their original frame &
> >
> > David

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