Day of Eye, Suffolk

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Mon Dec 16 20:00:15 GMT 2002

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Hi All,

Assistance please!

My local tower bells (All Saints, Brailsford, Derbyshire) were rehung (and =
maybe retuned?) reputedly by George Day, of Eye Suffolk in about 1913. I am=
trying to find out what work was actually undertaken at this time. Now, wh=
ile I have found assorted references to Day in terms of bells he had hung/r=
ehung, I can't find anything about the company.

Does anyone know when the company folded or was taken over? It is possible =
that a company that tokk them over might have retained the earlier records =
and I would like to contact them.

Thanks in anticipation,

Chris Booth
(in damp and cold Brailsford)
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