Liverpool Cathedral Bell Frame

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Sun Dec 22 19:55:12 GMT 2002

Maiden contribution, sorry its taken a few days to research this.

During the building of the Cathedral a quarterly bulletin was issued by the
Cathedral committee, effectively a progress report. These were bound and
issued as books ("Liverpool Cathedral Bulletin") and a few years ago I
bought a copy of Vol IV which covers Sep 1934 to June 1937. It caught my eye
because it contained a photo of a model of the proposed bell frame
installation. The progress report states that by the end of June 1937 they
were still erecting the lower floor of the belfry, so although I cannot help
with the actual date of when the concrete frame was cast, it was certainly
post-June 1937.

Burnard Green, the consulting engineer, showed a photo of the model of the
bell chamber in Sept 1935 and it was "only intended to install 13 bells,
with provision for a bourdon, should one ultimately be installed."

There is a photo of a corner of the ringing chamber taken in December 1936.

Hope this helps.
Peter Dyson

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