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Thu Dec 26 16:41:17 GMT 2002

Re casting bells inside the Church Building

Casting pits have been found at the Castel Church in Guernsey and St 
Brelade, Jersey, somewhat older. The report of the Jersey excavation has 
been published, but I cannot lay my hands on the reference at the moment. 
The Castel Bell was almost certainly cast by Nicolas Blondel in the 18th 
century, say about 1720-1775 which would represent his working lifetime as a 
clockmaker. The bell has since been recast and no details except the 
fragments of mould are available. The lettering on these appears identical 
to that on the bell at St Sampson’s Guernsey cast by Blondel in 1759 and the 
bell appears to have been about the same size 41 ½” approx.

John David

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