Americanisms; and Trinity NYC

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Sat Dec 28 11:27:13 GMT 2002

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> Today, five of the six original octaves in North America have been 
> restored for change ringing.

But what about Christ Church Philadelphia. Was that not one of the 
originals? They are certainly not restored for change ringing.

> Trinity's bells remain an 
> electric-action chime (the early manual chime mechanism having long 
> since disappeared, it seems). One wonders whether they will ever 
> restored to their original use or whether they will remain an 
> Americanism.

Trinity were offered a new ring of 12 a couple of years ago. The 
project floundered after Sept 11th and then all they seemed to be 
interested in was receiving a single bell from the City of London 
rather than the ring. All very frustrating. The plan was for the 
original 8 to be hung dead, a semitone clear from the 12, all wired 
up to the organ, with space to augment the resultant carillon. 

Funds for the project have been donated 100%, so it is a shame that 
still nothing has happened.


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