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Can help with a couple:

H.B. Walters "The Church Bells of Worcestershire", published in parts in th=
e Transactions of the Worcestershire Archaeological Society (new Series) Vo=
ls.II-VIII (1923-1932): Part 1 (Vol.II pp.1-58) Abberley to Bushley, Part 2=
(Vol.III pp.1-59) Castlemorton to Evesham, Part 3 (Vol.IV pp.1-48) Far For=
est to Lye, Part 4 (Vol.V pp.110-147) Madresfield to Rushock, Part 5 (Vol.V=
I pp.1-67) Salwarpe to Yardley, Part 6 (Vol.VII pp.1-40) General survey Par=
t I, and part 7 (Vol.VIII pp.1-38) General Survey Part II and index; and Co=
rrigenda (Vol.IX p.30) - place of publication was Worcester, at dates shown=

Also published as a volume, Worcester (1932)

Can provide similar for Shropshire - also published as a book, but I'll wai=
t before extracting the details in case anyone has it readily to hand.

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Can anyone provide me with Harvard-style referenced (author & initials
(date) title, place of publication & publisher) for the following:

Ellacombe's Devonshire
L'Estrange's Norfolk
Walters' Shropshire
Walters' Worcestershire

I need them as a consequence of working from a collection of assorted
photocopies without having noted the details of the book fully!



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