Ellacombe stands etc.

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Mon Dec 30 20:39:33 GMT 2002

My understanding of the so-called Ellacombe stand is that it was 
named for the Rev. H.T. Ellacombe, who invented a chiming mechanism 
that used clappers (or hammers) separate from those attached to the 
bells as well as providing a quick-disconnect capability and/or a 
convenient adjustment capability. I believe that the Ellacombe stand 
is a specific variety of what could more generically be called a 
taut-rope clavier.

Can anyone clarify for me
1) what was distinctive about Ellacombe's invention?
2) what types of chiming mechanisms existed before that invention?
(in England, for use with swinging bells--I'm not looking for
a continental history! nor for clocks.)
3) how early are such mechanisms known to have been used?


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