Baldersby and Kingweston

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Tue Feb 12 13:35:06 GMT 2002

> seem risky, a bit like Baldersby!

Baldersby - now there's a tower I must visit. I believe the bells are
tonally very good (1857 Taylor's, in case anyone didn't know).

Taylor's were actually casting some really good stuff in the 1850s. At
Kingweston in Somerset there is a fascinating 1854 installation - real
shoe-horn job! The frame is 2-tier, cast iron H's below, A's above, on
oak bearers. I believe it's one of Taylor's ealiest cast iron frames -
the cross bars each have a recess in them for the bearing brass. The
bells themselves, a five with a tenor of 14 cwt in E, are superb. The
back three are maiden, but are very close to Simpson. The trebles have
been tuned, and are quite good 'old-style'. I have some pictures - If
anyone's interested I can stick a few on the 'pictures' section of the
home page for the list.

It seems likely that if it wasn't for Lord Grimthorpe and his strange
ideas about bell profiles Taylor's would have perfected true-harmonic
tuning much earlier than they did.


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