[Bell Historians] Baldersby and Kingweston

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Tue Feb 12 13:47:36 GMT 2002

These sound worth a visit, quite the opposite of Healey (Rochdale): an
1850 Taylor 6 sounding rather T.Mears-ish! The 1845 Taylor tenor at Priors
Marston, Warks, is quite good with a slightly flat octave hum. Better
still the 1865 four at Stainby, Lincs, (in original frame & fitts) where the
hums are 7th on treble, flattening down the scale to the octave tenor
which is beautiful. The 1867 17-1-7 in F# at Hope, Gtr.Manch., (also
still ringable in original inst.) has a very near octave hum and a bright
tone. Just what did they aim for, and how much control did they have at this

On Tue, 12 Feb 2002, David Bryant wrote:

> > seem risky, a bit like Baldersby!
> Baldersby - now there's a tower I must visit. I believe the bells are
> tonally very good (1857 Taylor's, in case anyone didn't know).
> Taylor's were actually casting some really good stuff in the 1850s. At
> Kingweston in Somerset there is a fascinating 1854 installation - real
> shoe-horn job! The frame is 2-tier, cast iron H's below, A's above, on
> oak bearers. I believe it's one of Taylor's ealiest cast iron frames -
> the cross bars each have a recess in them for the bearing brass. The
> bells themselves, a five with a tenor of 14 cwt in E, are superb. The
> back three are maiden, but are very close to Simpson. The trebles have
> been tuned, and are quite good 'old-style'. I have some pictures - If
> anyone's interested I can stick a few on the 'pictures' section of the
> home page for the list.
> It seems likely that if it wasn't for Lord Grimthorpe and his strange
> ideas about bell profiles Taylor's would have perfected true-harmonic
> tuning much earlier than they did.
> David
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