[Bell Historians] Baldersby and Kingweston

Michael Wilby michael_wilby at y...
Tue Feb 12 14:22:18 GMT 2002


Bill Hibbert (a member of this list) is<BR>
currently looking into the transition to Simpson
tuning in the 1880s and<BR>
90s and his conclusions show that Taylor's were in
advance of Simpson -<BR>
hence their refusal to use the term 'Simpson-tuned'.
While we're on the<BR>
subject, does anybody have details of any complete
1880s or 90s Taylor<BR>
rings, preferably 8 or more, which have not been
tuned. I'm certainly<BR>
interested in any bells from this period, and I know
Bill is also.<BR>

Bill is coming to Towcester tomorrow evening to record
and measure the bells. The back 8 (1897 Taylor) most
certainly have not been tuned since!


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