[Bell Historians] Baldersby and Kingweston

djb122uk djb122 at y...
Wed Feb 13 12:32:00 GMT 2002

Michael Wilby <michael_wilby at y...> wrote:

> Bill is coming to Towcester tomorrow evening to record
> and measure the bells. The back 8 (1897 Taylor) most
> certainly have not been tuned since!

Heavitree, Exeter, would be another good one to look at from this 
period (same year. The tenor is quite thick - 26 cwt in Eb. They're 
superb bells.

Anyone looked at Brewood? They're supposed to be the last Taylor 
pre-Simpson ring. Another interesting one would be Merthyr Tydfil - 
cast in 1893 but stored at the foundry until the tower was completed 
in 1896, and apparently tuned again prior to despatch.


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