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I'm pretty sure it was the pre-Gillett ring. I've never heard one of the Gi=
llett ring (well - 8 of them were anyway), but I believe one exists, and th=
ey are reckoned to have been superb. Quite believable, even taking into acc=
ount the fact that bells get better and better in folklore in the years fol=
lowing their disappearance.

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Anyone listened to the recording of Bow on John
Ketteringham's page (the old one - bells, not John)?=20
It is certainly the back ten, but I'm not convinced it
is the Gillett ring, not least by the sound... Can
anyone confirm which one it was?

While we're on the subject, I used to have a cassette
with recordings of the Lester & Pack back 10 and 12,
the Gillett 12, the new bells being "rung" by the
Carter m/c at the Foundry, and the dedication ringing
of the present bells. Someone borrowed it years
ago... anyone got a similar collection of recordings,
or know where I might get another copy?


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