[Bell Historians] Baldersby and Kingweston

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I don't believe Headingley St Michael have been tuned though G&J did do some
rehanging work. They were cast by Taylors in 1890 and are 20-1-0 in E (on
the thick side).
Bolsterstone are also from this era and have not been retuned to my
Taylors were definitely moving away from the Grimethorpe days and heading
towards modern tuning but neither of the above rings sound modern.
Ewerby (Lincs) front six are 1895/96 and to my ears the third sounds modern,
the fifth old and the others somewhere in between.

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Bill Hibbert (a member of this list) is<BR>
currently looking into the transition to Simpson
tuning in the 1880s and<BR>
90s and his conclusions show that Taylor's were in
advance of Simpson -<BR>
hence their refusal to use the term 'Simpson-tuned'.
While we're on the<BR>
subject, does anybody have details of any complete
1880s or 90s Taylor<BR>
rings, preferably 8 or more, which have not been
tuned. I'm certainly<BR>
interested in any bells from this period, and I know
Bill is also.<BR>

Bill is coming to Towcester tomorrow evening to record
and measure the bells. The back 8 (1897 Taylor) most
certainly have not been tuned since!


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