So called 'Simpson' tuning

Bill and Margaret Hibbert bill at h...
Fri Feb 15 22:39:14 GMT 2002

Dave B says:

> Bill's comments on the fact that Taylor bells got musically better
> in the early decades of the 20th century . . .

Aha! That's not exactly what I said. I said that tuning of the partials
became closer to the true-harmonic model. It's not possible to judge from
this alone that the sound of the bells improves. There's a lot of different
sounding bells all tuned true-harmonic. Looking at the frequencies of the
five low partials (four if you ignore the quint) is ignoring two things:
* all the rest of the partials that never get talked about
* relative intensity of partials, a subject of great importance and

I clearly need to read the Jennings book to get chapter and verse on the
first Simpson contact in 1894. It has been suggested that Jennings wanted to
prove that Taylors got there first, it would be good to see the documentary

Bill H

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