Rings of 3

Nick Bowden nickwbowden at f...
Mon Feb 18 22:44:33 GMT 2002

Can anyone confirm if the following entries should be added to the Dove's
Guide 3 Bell Supplement; ie they haven't been removed from the tower, rehung
dead or for swing chiming?

Birmingham, W Mids, S Lazar, Bournville, 3, 9-1-23. SP034809
Castle Church, Staffs, , 3, 0-0-0. SJ905222
Ipswich, Suff, S Stephen, 3, 6cwt in B. TM16 44
Merton, Norf, S Peter (GF), 3, 8cwt in Aflat. Anti-clockwise; round tower;
Norwich, Norf, S Stephen, 3, 4cwt.
Staverton, Glos, S Catherine (GF), 3, 9cwt in Aflat. Bells 1-3 of 4;


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