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> George Dawson:
> > I routinely do Elphick trapezia (if that's the right word) when I
> > inspect, though I don't have many of Taylor rings
> I have only just begun to take such measurements. It would be
> interesting to hear what you use the figures for - or is it just a
> matter of record? Do you attempt to measure crown height and if so,
> how?
> Bill H

I don't do crown heights. I use the trapezoid data for comparison purposes,
and convert all to a base radius of 10 units, so on my data in the computer
I just have the co-ordinates of the shoulder eg 14.6, 5.65. Its very useful
for early bells, but fascinating to see when a founder casts a 'stranger',
one not normally to his profile. You must have read Elphick on the subject,
how differing founders set their rings out. I've been looking at James
Harrisons short form bells and they are quite consistent in their profiles.


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