Elphick Trapezia

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Tue Feb 19 11:06:51 GMT 2002

Thanks George for the info on profile measurement. The way I have 
started doing it is equivalent (thank goodness).

> You must have read Elphick on the subject

That's where I got the idea from.

> I've been looking at James Harrisons short form bells and they are 
quite consistent in their profiles.

I recorded Castleton a few weeks ago, but did not take measurements. 
Assessing them by eye, the trebles and tenors looked to be roughly 
the same height, but the tenors are much wider. This is confirmed by 
their tuning, the trebles are pretty standard old-style, the tenors 
are something special. I have some photos too, all to go on the 
website when I have time.

Bill H

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