True-harmonic twelves

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Thu Feb 21 16:56:49 GMT 2002

Chris Pickford:

> . . Wolverhampton . . first true-harmonic twelve

I said this before on this list, but lots of people have joined 
since. Based on the evidence only of the sound of their bells, 
Taylors and Gilletts moved slowly into true-harmonic tuning over a 
period of years or even decades. There was not one instant in time 
when everything changed. I'm off to record a peal of bells tomorrow 
night which should fill a gap in the sequence for Taylors (1887, I 
suspect they had barely started then).

Is there evidence in the written records for some dramatic change in 

Michael Wilby:

> . . arson . .

Put that box of matches away until I've turned my tape recorder off.

Bill H

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