bells in Oxford request for help

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Fri Feb 22 06:14:11 GMT 2002

Can anyone help with this please. I
haven't yet got any recordings on my web site for Oxford.

>From John R. Ketteringham of Lovely Lincoln in Lincolnshire, England
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A friend and her husband (who is dying of terminal brain cancer) are
looking for a recording of the church bells of Oxford in a recording in
cassette, VHS, etc. Oxford is a place they have often travelled, (from
Southern California) and had hoped to get there this spring, but won't be
able to.

Can you forward this right away to anyone who might know of a resource, and
how we could get a hold of it quickly?

Thanks in advance,
Carolyn Olney
Carolyn Olney
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Dear Friends,
Does anyone know whether there is a cassette, VHS or DVD recording of
the church bells of Oxford, England and if so, where I could buy a copy for
Thank you!

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