bells in Oxford request for help

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bells in Oxford request for helpCan anyone help with this please. I haven=
't yet got any recordings on my web site for Oxford.

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A friend and her husband (who is dying of terminal brain cancer) are loo=
king for a recording of the church bells of Oxford in a recording in casset=
te, VHS, etc. Oxford is a place they have often travelled, (from Southern =
California) and had hoped to get there this spring, but won't be able to.

Can you forward this right away to anyone who might know of a resource, a=
nd how we could get a hold of it quickly?

Thanks in advance,
Carolyn Olney
Carolyn Olney
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Dear Friends,
Does anyone know whether there is a cassette, VHS or DVD recording o=
f the church bells of Oxford, England and if so, where I could buy a copy f=
or Rick?
Thank you!

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