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Fri Feb 22 08:17:38 GMT 2002

From: "Chris Pickford" <c.j.pickford at t...>
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> As a known maverick on these things, I'm not a great believer in listing -
> or in the preservation lists. But we're in danger of confusing what the
> lists are for. They aren't about quality (sadly) but about historical
> significance or (as Stephen Ivin - possibly quoting Paul Taylor) once
> expressed it rather well) preserving bells because we happen to know what
> the founder had for breakfast on the day they were cast!
> I'm not very keen on Wolverhampton either - but as the first true-harmonic
> twelve (what a pity Taylors didn't pip Gilletts to it and produce a first
> class one between 1896 and 1911) they do have historical significance.
> does this mean we should prevent future improvement?


Which brings us to the point: What is important to List & WHY.
On historical significance Wolverhampton qualify
Do York?

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