Light front ends-St Peter,Bolton,Lancs

fartwell2000 fartwell2000 at y...
Fri Feb 22 22:56:31 GMT 2002

St Peter,Bolton has a twelve with a tenor of 19-2-0 and a treble of 
two and three quarter cwt-which I personally consider to be light for 
a twelve of this weight.
The back eight are from The Saviour,Deane Road,Bolton(I do not have 
records of the founder),but the treble,2nd,#2nd,3rd and fourth were 
cast by Taylors in 1974 from metal of the front seven of the previous 
ring of eight(tenor retained dead for chiming).
Blackburn cathederal also has relatively light trebles,but they are a 
fine ring(and in recent years less odd struck due to work by James 
Hustler and others).
There was talk of making them a twelve a few years ago,but I think 
this would have been a mistake as the present trebles are a little 
indistinct at times as a ten

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