Re (3): [Bell Historians] True-harmonic twelves &c

s.ivin at n... s.ivin at n...
Fri Feb 22 17:25:13 GMT 2002

David Bryant wrote:

> Wells tenor is 1877.

Yes, apologies. I picked up the erroneous date from a reply on r-c from Simon Reading,
despite having quoted it from F E Robinson myself as 1877!

Bill Hibbert wrote (Re 'Simpson' tuning):

> > Perhaps equally crucial was the acquisition of a set of
> > Koenig forks in the 1890's.

> Do you know when this was? The exact date would be very interesting. 
> Presumably one can tell from tuning figures in the day books.

Trying to make sense of T Jennings, it looks like 1895 or even 96. From
memory, the frequency of partials appears only in the latter part of 1896
in the job books, and the early records don't have all 5.


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