[Bell Historians] Light Back Bells

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Sat Feb 23 13:02:54 GMT 2002

John Greenhough Wrote:
As an extreme example of the way tonal quality and thickness aren't so
strongly related, the Eijsbouts tenor at Middle Rasen, Lincs, added to
a very poor minor 3 of about 4 cwt in Am, is only 6 cwt in G. It is,
however, a good bell, hiding those in front without being so
heavy as to slow down the whole ring.

Andrew Aspland Writes:
I rang at Middle Rasen for the first time on Saturday and I agree with what
John says but the tenor is a strange sounding bell - the relative
intensities of the parials (if not the tuning) must be very different from a
larger G bell. To my ears there was a lot of perfect 4th/perfect 5th sound
and not a great deal of tierce. It would take a very good bell indeed to
cover the tonal deficiencies of the original treble!

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