[Bell Historians] What is the best way to make digital sound recordings?

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Wed Feb 27 08:20:16 GMT 2002

--- In bellhistorians at y..., "George Dawson" <George at d...> wrote:
> Separate hand held one, cost£8, the only criteria I used to buy it 
> frequency response, 50Hz upwards
Thanks George.
I am also looking for some relatively cheap software to 
remaster analogue tape recordings and write them onto cd-does anyone 
know of anything that fits the bill?
Some of the tape recordings of bells that I want to remaster 
Whalley,Lancs(before the Tenor got an S.G clapper and 
after),Burnley,Lancs,Bolton by 
Yorks,Giggleswick N Yorks and Liss,Hants-The campanile(First set of 
ceramics Tenor 7.25lb and the replacement ceramics Tenor 11-12lb).
All these recordings are now quite poor,but if I can clean them up 
well enough,I can make sound files stored on my pc and pass then on 
to any interested parties.

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