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Scarborough frame was NOT hacked by Gilletts in 1952. They rehung the trebl=
e & second in new pits created out of the second pit & left the old treble=
pit in situ. I saw it in 1969. It went in 1979 (see RW 2.11.1979 p.944).
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Nope - it ain't. The frame for the two great exhibition bells (now 3/10 a=
nd 10/10 at Scarborough) had cast iron sides. I'm not sure about the frame =
for the other bells, but the frame was hacked about and the top tier (conta=
ining 3/10) was removed by Gilletts in the 50s. We have some pictures of th=
e work in progress in the YMSCR scrap books - I'll have a look this evening=
if I remember. Incidentally, Jennings' bell fittings book states that at l=
east one of the exhibition bells was cast with a flat top and had a cast ir=
on stock. We've got a picture of the tenor being lowered, and it clearly ha=
s canons (removed by G&J, I believe). Don't know about the 3rd, but it seem=
s more likely that if either was cast without canons it would be the big on=
e, as was common Taylor practice in the later C19.
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