Unjustified Criticism

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Jul 11 11:10:15 BST 2002

I see on Dickon's Kent site that there is a note that the 5th at
Maidstone has started to go badly because of a loose gudgeon, and the
note (from a local ringer, presumably), goes on to say that Taylor's
'missed' this in 2000. I very much doubt if they would miss something
like this, and besides, I can't believe that it could have been loose
since 2000 but only recently been noticed - bells with loose gudgeons
generally go like the sides of houses. I don't think the implied
criticism of Taylor's is fair. Likewise, the mention that twiddle pins
are being fitted implies that Taylor's should have done so. I'm sure
thay would have if asked. I seem to recall someone telling me that the
job was done on a limited budget, so I don't think there is any
justification for criticism.

At another tower I know of Taylor's replaced most of the clappers in
1996, and the bells have now gone very oddstruck and the ringers want
some more work doing but won't go to Taylor's, and criticise them
because the bells have gone oddstruck. Again, I think this is
unjustified. Some bells just do go oddstruck - particularly if the
centre holes in bell/headstock are not absolutely central. Our 11th goes
oddstruck every six months or so, and we loosen off the clapper and push
it back to where it should be before tightening it up again. I think
there is too much criticism these days of bellhanging firms when in
reality many of the problems are really not their fault at all.
Inadequate Steeple Keeing is the real culprit!


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