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Thu Jul 11 18:22:26 BST 2002

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> If it had been spotted the work would have been done already by them. We
> have no problem with Taylor's rehanging work, in fact we where quite
> impressed.

Wouldn't it have been possible to get them to do it then, while the equipme=
nt was there to lift the bell?

> The are well used and we don't expect a week to be the maximum liklihood =
> maintained good struckness. In fact although the struckness is still not
> good it is better than when Taylor's left. Still not good enough for us,
> which is why we are now going to another bell hanger who has had a very
> recent good standing on obtaining the requirements.

Fair enough

> Anti-vibration pads, you mean leather washers: of course they were replac=
> And yes we have tightened where possible or added more washers if castle
> nuts have prevented further tightening

Seems sensible

> It seems to me, personally (after all my views not necessarily other
> Maidstone ringers'), that we are entitled to our view about whoever does
> work on our bells and should have no need to please your good self with a=
> comments that are made, or may be made in the future.
> It is of course intriguing that you have subtituted certain asterisked
> letters with the word "Arse". If the cap fits :-)

> P.S. Everyone is entitled to have work done by whatever engineer they cho=
> and we have now sourced a worker that we feel has an excellent record to
> fulfill our current requirements.=20

Of course. I wasn't intending to imply that the steeple keeping at your tow=
er was poor, merely that of late I've come across a number of cases where b=
ellhangers are being blamed for things which really aren't their fault, suc=
h as in the case cited in my first email, and I was generalising, as I thou=
gh my email made clear. It merely seemed to me from the comment on Dickon's=
site that Taylor's by implication were being blamed for things beyond thei=
r control. There was no need to insult me! Anyway, no offence taken and I h=
ope none taken by you - no offence was meant!


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