[Bell Historians] Unjustified Criticism

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Thu Jul 11 15:17:03 BST 2002

Here we go again ... the Maidstone ringer has asked me to pass on the
following response to David's comments.


"Well then, you can't blame them can you, if they warned you about it as
soon as soon as they saw it. So what if they hadn't seen it in their
initial inspection - things can easily get missed during a preliminary
inspection, and they were honest about it and told you."

If it had been spotted the work would have been done already by them. We
have no problem with Taylor's rehanging work, in fact we where quite

"> Admittedly bells do go odd struck but not continuously if maintained
> properly.

Not continuously, no, but within six months or so if they are well used. "

The are well used and we don't expect a week to be the maximum liklihood of
maintained good struckness. In fact although the struckness is still not
good it is better than when Taylor's left. Still not good enough for us,
which is why we are now going to another bell hanger who has had a very
recent good standing on obtaining the requirements.

"Well there must be a reason. If new leather anti-vibration pads were
fitted (as is likely if clapper work was carried out) then it is
probably that they compacted and the clappers worked loose quickly. This
is fairly usual."

Anti-vibration pads, you mean leather washers: of course they were replaced.
And yes we have tightened where possible or added more washers if castle
nuts have prevented further tightening

"Cheers! The fact remains that this explanation doesn't convince me that
there is any justification for criticising Taylor's, and insulting me
and telling me to shove it up my arse won't help to convince me!"

It seems to me, personally (after all my views not necessarily other
Maidstone ringers'), that we are entitled to our view about whoever does
on our bells and should have no need to please your good self with any
comments that are made, or may be made in the future.
It is of course intriguing that you have subtituted certain asterisked
letters with the word "Arse". If the cap fits :-)

P.S. Everyone is entitled to have work done by whatever engineer they choose
and we have now sourced a worker that we feel has an excellent record to
fulfill our current requirements. 

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