[Bell Historians] Richard's Castle

John Paul Adams J.Adams at u...
Tue Jul 16 12:00:57 BST 2002

>> Thanks. Does it have a counterbalanced clapper? Can't really see from
>> the photo. The bell is really hung for slow swinging (see how much it's
>> tucked up), but can be rung full circle and the stay and slider
>> encourage this. The headstock was of course one of Taylor's earliest of
>> cast iron. I don't know of any other bells hung with full-circle
>> slow-swinging headstocks like this - later ones tend not to have stays
>> and sliders. The Great Bell of Tong (also Taylor 1892, but earlier in
>> the year) has a cast iron frame and a timber headstock, is hung for
>> ringing and is not tucked up much at all. It's also still on plain
>> bearings.

I don't know which recent list I saw it on, but the 81cwt hour bell at
Leeds Town Hall was noted as being hung for ringing? Maybe Andrew A can
enlighten us (and arrange a grab this weekend when we're in Leeds :) ).


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