[Bell Historians] Richard's Castle

Andrew Aspland aaspland at y...
Tue Jul 16 16:38:35 BST 2002

>I don't know which recent list I saw it on, but the 81cwt hour bell at
>Leeds Town Hall was noted as being hung for ringing? Maybe Andrew A can
>enlighten us (and arrange a grab this weekend when we're in Leeds :) ).

It is indeed hung for ringing with a wishbone stay and a double groved wheel
to allow for two ropes at once. It was rung on Jubilee Day (Diamond of Queen
Victoria). The fittings are a bit past it - it is my belief that the
gudgeons have sagged somewhat - partly due to being bashed to death every
hour for the last 150 years.
One can arrange with the Town Hall manager to viewe the bell and they do
have open days. I am going to try to get it rehung for QEII Diamond
PS Please could John send me a list for this weekend. I may be able to join
you on Saturday morning.

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