Leeds and Escrick tenors

oakcroft13 bill at h...
Tue Jul 16 17:01:34 BST 2002

Andrew Aspland:

> But isn't there all this thing about perceived pitch
> of a bell. Not a problem when the bell is tuned in
> octaves

I have not heard Escrick, even in its previous home, and have heard 
Leeds years ago - but that was years ago! But both bells are of such 
a weight that the secondary strike may be beginning to be apparent, 
so that the pitch heard when rung alone may well not be half-nominal-
ish at all, but about an octave below the eleventh, i.e. a fourth 

Which leads to the question: with a big bell (Big Ben, Great Paul, 
etc., and even some of our heavier ringing bells), when the nominal 
is x but the pitch is patently a fourth higher, what note should be 
put in Dove?

Bill H (tongue firmly in cheek)

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