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This was on the change ringers email list - thought it might be of
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The GCNA Website has a new page about what might be the only steel 
chime in the world. Cast in 1860 by Naylor, Vickers & Co., it was 
installed in 1861 in Trinity Lutheran Church, Lancaster, 
Pennsylvania, USA. Further details may be found from here:

Although there exist a few sets of 5 to 8 steel bells hung for change 
ringing (all in England or Australia), this appears to be the only 
instance of an octave of steel bells hung dead for tune ringing. 
(The tenor bell, pitched to E and just over 50" diameter, is hung for 
swinging as well, but has not been swung for many years.) The bells 
are in excellent condition (though far from excellent in sound!) and 
are regularly played.

Anyone having information about other sets of steel bells (beyond 
what is already described on the Web) please contact me directly.

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