Aldbourne Foundry

Graham Palmer GrahamPalmer at L...
Sun Jul 21 23:17:33 BST 2002

Dear David,
I have for many years been working on the history of the Aldbourne Bell
Foundry. My family has long roots here (many generations in fact) and I am
related to the last founder. Several folk have done research namely Alan
Keen, Bill Moir and Bill Butler but non of them have really done it all and
there is still much to be uncovered not only about the bells themselves but
especially the men involved. If you have anything not written by Alan or the
two Bill's that may be of interest to me I would appreciate a copy. I am
also trying to establish just how many of the tower bells still exist in
their original situ or if they now rest elsewhere. For example today I
visited a church in Tyneham, Dorset, to find the bell cast by the Wells
foundry has been removed to be used elsewhere, my next task is find out if
it is in safe hands and where it is now.

I look foreword to hearing from you

Graham Palmer

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