[Bell Historians] Kettering

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Mon Jul 29 16:04:39 BST 2002

"LOVE, Dickon" wrote:

> I don't know the details re Kettering, but I do know about the other
> rancid
> 12 that are heading for the pot ... Kidderminster. Rumours that they
> have
> placed an order with Whitechapel are unfounded. The truth is that they
> haven't deecided. They hope to have the work done next summer. The
> front
> bells are being offered to Keltek.

Most of the bells are on the Keltek list, and Dave Kelly has told me
that the two trebles have already been offered to another church. The
three Gillett bells are probably well worth having. Not so sure about
the others though!


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