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St John's: The lower part of tower was coverted into flats, and whatever t=
he belfry was, the floors were destroyed by fire last December - i.e. nothi=
ng left of the bell installation whatever.

St Mark's, as stated a chef d'oeuvre of Ewen Christian, ws sold years ago t=
o the City Council when the dear old CofE found, after closing and gutting =
it that they couldn't demolish it. It has been through a number of sales,=
this one to an Asian businessman who I understand has hopes to turn it int=
o a qualuity restaurant and community centre. At least he has done more wo=
rk to stablilise it in the last couple of months than has been done by its =
supposed guardians, ecclesiastical and civic, in the last twenty years. I =
am due to visit next week and will update my previous information as necess=

St Nick's. I gave the wrong note for the tenor of the 3 old bells, it's B =
- a minor 3.

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Thanks - I thought you would know the answer! Have they even removed the
floors from St John's tower?

What's St Mark's being converted into? I seem to recall that it's one of
the more notable works of the architect Ewan Christian.


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