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Nobody seems to have replied, so I'll make some comments, for what they're =

It seems pretty likely that we're looking at an itinerant bellfounder. Can =
you get a more exact date for the pit? Probably the best place to start is =
to look at the present bells and any records of former ones in any nearby c=
hurches - the churchwardens' accounts may name founders. If the founder of =
any bells which may have been cast locally can be identified, this may answ=
er the question. It really needs someone with knowledge of the bells in the=
Southampton area, which I don't have and I don't think we have anyone from=
that area on the list - can anyone suggest any local bell enthusiasts who =
may be able to help?

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Archaeological excavations in Southampton have found a rectangular bell c=
asting pit, in which at least 6 bells seem to have been cast.It was big eno=
ugh to do two at a time. Date is probably 17th/18th century. Does anyone kn=
ow of a Southampton bell maker, or bells in the area that might be from one=
? Could the Salisbury foundry have set up a base in Southampton for a speci=
fic job? Any clues welcome!=20
Dr Andy Russel

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