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Hampshire Church Bells (W. E. Colchester, 1920, facsimile reprint 1979) has=
an interesting chapter on itinerants (pp 53-65); Colchester's work is usu=
ally treated with some caution - though by no means to be dismissed out of =

Recorded 17th-century bells by founders working in Southampton include a ri=
ng of six at St Michael's Wm & Richard Purdue 1663; treble recast pr added =
by Clement Tosier 1693, 4th recast by Wm Tosier 1733.
There must have been bells at Holy Rood before 1742 (the 8 destroyed in 194=
2) and in the predecessors of the last three versions of St Mary's bells.

For West Country bellfounders good lines of enquiry are Preb. John Scott wh=
o has published on bell-pits in Exeter, and Sqn Ldr George Massey of Frome;=
whilst the authority on Wiltshire is Chris Dalton author of the recent Chu=
rch Bells of Dorset. Andrew, if you want addresses / phone numbers ring m=
e on 0116-252 8727

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Archaeological excavations in Southampton have found a rectangular bell c=
asting pit, in which at least 6 bells seem to have been cast.It was big eno=
ugh to do two at a time. Date is probably 17th/18th century. Does anyone kn=
ow of a Southampton bell maker, or bells in the area that might be from one=
? Could the Salisbury foundry have set up a base in Southampton for a speci=
fic job? Any clues welcome!=20
Dr Andy Russel

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