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Some family history research has turned up a distant ancestor in the West C=
ountry. Chap called Main Swete who had been a Barbados planter but retired =
home to Devon. He died in 1735.

"Maine Swete was a very ingenious man, he had a blacksmith's shop in the or=
he delighted in bell ringing and dressed as a blacksmith took the (....) in=
ringing the bells at Totnes. About 1720 he constructed the celebrated Swete=
clock 10. 6 by 3.0. which stood in the hall at Traine. It had 37 bells with=
hands for tunes."

Does anyone know more of Swete or his clock? and did the author mean it cou=
ld be used to play tunes? and why 37 bells?=20

Andy Russel
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