[Bell Historians] Re: Thin Bells

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Jun 27 13:14:07 BST 2002

John Paul Adams wrote:

> I think someone said Broad Hinton, but in the latest Dove update, it
> has
> gone from being in E to being in G. Some change!
> Are the notes in Dove all standardised? Isn't there something
> different
> between old pitches and new pitches? Maybe something for Nigel Taylor
> to
> write about, he done well with his last letter to the RW. Is Bill H
> still
> here to give an explanation?

I believe they're a bit hit-and-miss - many are what someone thought
they were. Most mistakes have probably been rectified by now, but not
all. Oldham are still listed as Db, and Taylor's records show that
they're definitely in C. However, this is an understandable one - E to G
is a bit more difficult to believe! However, if Matthew's rung there and
says they are E I think we can take it as read that they are!

And yes - where are you Bill? We haven't heard from you for a while.


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