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They are right on the border of C and C-sharp; of Taylors' 58" diameter com=
plete rings, the sharpest

Wakefield 35-1-0 516 C
Winchester 35-2-6 518 C
Oldham 35-0-4 542 C
Westbury 35-0-14 544 C#
Truro 33-3-10 544 C#
Beverley SM 34-3-12 544 C#

Taylors' sharpest complete C# ring is Bedford (578) - which goes to show wh=
at a relative thing bell pitches are !

Of course so much depends on the bell itself; Canterbury Cathedral's old te=
nor (Mears & Stainbank 1951) was 516 C (32-0-6; 57") and an excellent sound=
ing bell; the 11th (pitch not known, but Samuell Knight 1726, 51" 21-3=
-2 approximately D) was the worst bell in the ring - and it was dreadful. =
Before tuning, Great Dunstan, 70". 67-3-0 before tuning, 1762, Lester, Pack=
& Chapman was slightly sharper than the tenor in the bell chamber below it=
, which was 35 cwt lighter.

And very much thinner.


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Oldham are barely flat of C# according to my pitch-pipe.

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