[Bell Historians] Re: Thin Bells

David Bryant djb122 at y...
Thu Jun 27 16:20:39 BST 2002

David Cawley wrote:

> They are right on the border of C and C-sharp; of Taylors' 58" diameter complete rings, the sharpest

> Wakefield 35-1-0 516 C
> Winchester 35-2-6 518 C
> Oldham 35-0-4 542 C
> Westbury 35-0-14 544 C#
> Truro 33-3-10 544 C#
> Beverley SM 34-3-12 544 C#

> Taylors' sharpest complete C# ring is Bedford (578) - which goes to show what a relative thing bell pitches > are !

Bedford are always given as D!

Incidentally, the hour bell at Wakefield town hall (Taylor 1880,
54-2-12) is also a C, and I think it's a sharper one than the Cathedral
tenor. I heard it strike the hour several times one evening recently
when I was stuck there after the Cathedral practice by a broken down
car. Unfortunately the Cathedral chimes were out of action. The town
hall bell is certainly not very nice sounding, especially when compared
to the lovely tenor at the Cathedral.

Did the frequencies given above come from Taylor's records? I don't
suppose you happen to have the frequencies of the bells at York, do you.
My attempts to measure them using a cheap tape player and Bill's Wavanal
have not been too successful, although I have established that the tenor
is a long way flat of Bb.


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